WeedGator - Safe, eco-friendly aquatic weed control alternative WeedGator® | Safe, eco-friendly and effective aquatic weed removal


The WeedGator® aquatic weed cutter is the #1 alternative to harsh chemicals for getting rid of pond & lake weeds.

Water Weed Problems:

  • Restricted recreation – swimming, boating, fishing, and other water sports
  • Fish kills  – dense growths of plants can cause night time oxygen depletion
  • Fish flavor problems – water plants can impart unpleasant taste (musty flavor)
  • Pond water odor problems – decaying vegetation emits offensive odors (rotten egg smell)
  • Pond water discoloration – algae can discolor pond water
  • Drinking water taste problem
  • Stunted fish growth – Dense plant growths provides too much cover and  prevents predationleading to stunted (small-sized) sportfish populations

Take back your waterfront with the WeedGator®, a safe and effective tool used to control and remove aquatic weeds and plants, allowing you to enjoy your waterfront for years to come!


The WeedGator is a must have tool for aquatic weed control!

Use the WeedGator® for cleaning the following:
  • Pond and Lake Property
  • Swimming Areas
  • Marinas and Boat Slips
  • Fishing Spots
  • Golf Course Ponds


It’s time to control lake and pond weeds.

  • The Weedgator® outperforms all manual aquatic weed shears, cutters, rakes, skimmers, harvesters, tillers & mats.
  • The WeedGator® is lightweight, small, inexpensive & easy to operate.
  • The WeedGator® is eco-friendly.
This is a short demonstration of the Weed Gator
(www.weedgator.net), aquatic weed removal tool,
that I used on a southern Michigan lake in late May.
I received it as a gift this year and have nothing but
rave reviews after using it. Very lightweight and
easy to throw and retrieve the weeds.


This unique, side by side video PROVES why the WeedGator
is the best manual aquatic weed removal tool in the world!
No other manual tool can outperform the WeedGator when it
comes to EASY and EFFECTIVE aquatic weed removal!

The WeedGator is the one and only lake weed removal tool



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JZ Designs – Manufacturer of the WeedGator

2830 North Seven Mile Road
Pinconning, MI 48650
Phone: 989-529-3992
Website: weedgator.net
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